Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Well its been a while since my last update. Kinda sorry about that but I have had alot of things going on in my life and going on in my mind.
Well down to the news, in hopes of being more accurate the blog will be a little more professional in terms of my writing for it. But today ill just shoot from the hip.

Well the big story this week I would have to say is Governor Arnold in California. His inauguration commences the opening of the darkest period of government in california since ronald reagan. Schwarzenegger is proposing massive budget cuts to a state hermorhagging for funds. Hienstly, Arnold can not really cut the funding to any area of government without considerable effects statewide. So choose widely arnold.

Also today the House passed a powerful energy bill which sets the stage for a filibuster in the Senate. The bill seeks to invest in producing more energy at home (i.e. more drilling, more mining). So basically its our tax dollars being handed over to corporations to destroy our environment. Go figure, especially with this administration.

ok, well im spent, look here tomorrow for some more goodies.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

3 in a row here we go.
Long night here, actually not really, i have been rather bored and confused by the entire day, go figure, the mysteries of my jacked up life. Anyways, moving to a more settling topic, politics......
the big cnn/mtv rock the vote went on and all the candidates, mainly the big contenders came out and played well to the favorable crowd. John kerry proved to me that he isnt a robot, in stead i see him as more of an android. Joe lieberman proved that he wasnt a republican, more of a whig, and al sharpton, well, he proved he was al sharpton, so basically he confirmed he is in it for publicity. overall i liked the even and was quite happy with the publicity mtv and cnn gave the candidates in primetime as well as the time put into hyping it on tv. Its refreshing cause i was getting tired of only seeing conservatives on in primetime only, that means u bill o'reilly, and u know i hate u.
in other news, CBS pulled the regans mini-series. i am not surprised, CBS is spineless so go figure, plus with their recetn primetime success i would understand them not wanting controversy involved in their lineup. I will look forward to seeingthe miniseries if the release it on showtime b/c hey maybe they will throw in some porn and more swearing, that would make the regans look really good.
ok, well i am dumping around for the most part right now so i wont trouble you with more babble. Have fun yall, dont mess with mules!

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

hey hey im back again for another night of consecutive posts. its been a long day and i am sitting at work writing this at 420 in the am. yes i said a.m.
Well its been an eventful day for the college Dems. I would say our recall bush rally was quite the success. not only were our speakers knowledgeable and passionate but the college republicans helped us out greatly. Their completely classless display proved they are a poorly organized and poorly led organization. I mean did those out of shape rich boys think they could walk for an hour holding those signs? i sure knew they couldnt and by the end i feel they looked like a bunch of total jackasses. they also helped publicize us by being idiots, and by causeing that controversy they got us some quality newpaper lovin too. so thanks college republicans. also hats off to the speakers and i would have to say william mcnary was rather incredible, so much energy and so much meaning, made me want to go and vote over and over again, well i am from chicago.....
In national news bob graham has announced he will not run for re-election of his senate seat in florida. graham has always been a strong democrat and his politics and his life are a testament to the work public servants that really care can do for the people. But i think graham may not be done ,especially with his national notoriety and expertise in defense and intelligence issues i would not be surprised to see him as our deomcratic nominee for vice-president.
for georgie boy it was anothere average day, he only picked up 2 million in endorsement dollars. i wish i could fly into alabama in the morning and leave with a check for 2 million dollars, but hey to do it i would have to become a corporate criminal with a questionable human rights record and a severly diminished IQ. but hey its still 2 mill right?
the house approved 87.5 billion of our dollars today to help rebuild iraq... hmm.. right, u know if u gave the iraqis some power locally and told them u really cared about them as a people instead of their oil u could probably do this for free. oh well at least its nice to know my money is going to waste again.
finally in political news i have been reading stories about the RNC demanding to preview a documentary on ronald regan to ensure its "accuracy". first of all its a made for tv movie, and princess diana and jackie O arent the focus so nobody will watch. secondly what gives the RNC the idea in their mind that this is their business. many facts about regan wrecking our economy, environment, and lying to the nation have been covered up. For years the republicans demanded the truth on bill clinton so cant the public get a semi-truthful look at regan in a 4 hour mini-series instead of the revisionist history of the last 20 years?
but one this is for sure, this documentary will be much truer than the Jessica Lych story.
And in a personal note, i hate having to wait forever to register for classes, all these damn james scholars are cutting away the cool small classes i want and leaving me with ineffective large lectures. so to the james scholars if u are reading this, I hate u.
later gators, i mean illini.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Hey sorry about the gap between posts, its been a while. I tired updating earlier in the week and "site maintenance" was holding me back. being drunk held me back the rest of the time.
Well onthe political side of things a lot of stuff happened this weekend. Our old boy rumsfeld basically told the public today that weare oging to need more men and money to solve our problems in iraq. and it becomes a bit apparent that our money and our men still being in iraq playing police force may be the problem. i mean if want them to be a free democracy then why havent dates been set for free elections of iraqis put in control of major state businesses and resources. See when ur occupying a nation its very hard to seem benevolent when u are just doing it to fatten your pockets. granted i supported getting rid of saddam but our occupation is going horribly and things need to change. coming to mention that, there is going to be a RECALL BUSH RALLY on NOVEMBER 3rd at NOON at the UNION..
In democratic news we have suffered through a litany of hateful articels in the DI against naomi jakobsson. The Repubs actually think there is a story in naomi working to preserve the budget of our university and listening to the university when it comes to supporting education bills. but still they have continually propogated lies and dirty tactics to make a non story into a stupid one.
In national news howard dean keeps making the mistake of refering to the confederate flag which is by far on of or maybe the most dispicable symbols in US history. Howard a little info for u, when it comes to primaries u need to throw red meat at the base, so all the backwater hick love for the general election next year.

On a personal note i like halloween, it provides a solid base for multi-day drunkeness and fun. I mean i think sometimes people should wear costumes 7 days a week b/c hey i was at the bars and it seemed every lady our there was dressed as a schoolgirl, or an angel, or a biker, or a hot cop, or in just their lingerie. I like Hallowen :)
ok, well i hope that is enough for yall right now. I need some sleep and to get up for a fun rally, i hope to have some fun.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Guess whos back, back again, i am back tell ur friends. Updatye time again, its been a drunken blur of a weekend but hey why not. Homeocoming was fun, we lost but hey we may get shaun livingston so ill take that. U know carrot and stick style.

Big day today with a debate and all. Once again too many candidates, nobody gets anytime to say anything so we fall vicitm to the sound bite kings instead of real policy discussion and hard topics, quite a shame. cause how are we to decide when the difference between everyone if 9 people are talking across each other. In noteworthey soundbites al sharpton struck again as well as joe lieberman proving once again that he is a human being and not a robot. And as always we still hate bush. U know i hate bush too but can u give me a credible reason to follow you instead of why u hate bush and why u are different. Just cut the shit and give me bill clinton again.

Alright im still sick and im tired so im outtie. Later

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Oh my god, 3 days in a row, this streak is going to end, and dont worry it will, i am getting mad trashed tomorrow :)

Another interesting day in the world of politics, joe leibermna, wesley clark, and john edwards have decided to not compete in both new hampshire and iowa, hmm... that makes me raise a few questions like if you can compete against 9 unknown candidates how can u beat the president, hmmm... kinda weird isnt it, why wouldnt u want to win? i think they are all done now b/c if u dont run there u arent going to get any media and they will miss the bounce and fall on their faces, i guess the field is down to 6 , now if only carol mosely braun, al sharpton and dennis kucinich adopt that strategy.....

A new poll shows today that 52% of americans think the war with iraq wasnt worth it, and i say "why did u need to waste money on a poll". the results speak for themselves, iraq is an anarchy outside of baghdad and soildiers die everyday plus we are wasting billions upon billions of dollars there when we are in a budget deficit.

Anyone see howard dean on 60 minutes II, i watched some of it, he was well presented and concise as always. He is combative and shown he has a chance so its nice to see him getting air time, he reminds a bit of my favorite president other than bill clinton in the last 30 years, Jed bartlet. I missed west wing, ahhh!!! but im a weak man and when a woman tells me what to do i do what she says cause i am a weak man.

President bush is still in southeast asia, doing exactly what i have no idea, he worries me sometimes, b/c i mean he is our president but is dumb as bricks.

I like pizza but i cant eat it cause i think its bad for me, does that make me pathetic or pathetic? discuss.

Just once i want to punch bill o'reilly, u know, just to know how good it would feel.
I'm done for the night!

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I am trying to turn over a new leaf, almost daily updates, ahhh!!!! Anyways my foot is better but still pretty sore, i think i can mangae a drunken parade walk :) But hey another beautfiul day at u of i makes me a happy camper.
Politics as usual in washington as the congress railroaded abortion rights and ban partial birth abortions. This is seem by me as President Bush's first legislative step to outlawing a woman's right to choose. Nobody rejoices when an abortion occurs but the fact of the matter is that woman in this nation has the right to choose and that should never be taken away. So when i see legislation passed like this, even with moderate democratic support i know that people lost rights today, what a shame!
W is in Bali today, fitting isnt it, as we sufffer through the worst budget and foreign crisis that we have had in years that the president would be in Bali at an after hours party doing body shots of COndy Rice and doing a double beer bong with karl rove. And what about dick cheney u ask? well dick is dropping e in the clubs and getting firsky with laura, but dont tell george, shh....
Ahh!! I hate republicans, why? hmm... dont know really maybe its because they are backward thinking xenophobes or maybe because they are rich money grubbing locusts sucking the life out of america.
The yankees won game 3 today and amazingly nobody cared. Sigh.... I like pizza, i havent eaten it in a while cause i think its bad for my diet but i could really use some.
I hate classes, i go and listen but when i come back home i remember nothing, is it just me? i dont think so, so i wash away my doubt in alcohol, yeah for me!
alright thats enough for now. Im spent coach, put in the lefty.

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